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Kidd Civil Consulting believes that regardless of size, every business has a responsibility to tread lightly on the planet.  We do so in two main ways:

The biggest impact we can have is to deliver work that minimises the lifetime impact of our clients’ projects.  We work to understand your sustainability priorities and, where there are alternative construction options available that may result in a lower environmental footprint, we make these known to our clients. We also offer a suite of specific supporting services such as carbon foot-printing of certain construction options, advice on resource management and alignment with ISCA. 


We also minimise our own impact, measuring a carbon footprint which is reduced year on year with a goal to reach net zero by 2025.   To do so we conserve electricity, source supplies locally and scrutinize our supply chain to ensure that their business aligns with our sustainability goals. We only travel when necessary, favouring working remotely when possible, and making informed choices such as renting electric vehicles where possible  and of course offsetting our carbon with high quality carbon offset projects or our own inhouse projects when we cannot eliminate our emissions.


We are a young business but our next step in our Carbon Zero journey is to measure our carbon footprint over 2021 and get third party certification to ensure that we meet our 2025 goals and are transparent about dong so.

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